Monday, April 27, 2009

Well Farmer Rey took the chick with no name out and he wouldn't leave his sight so for the first few days he just went outside and played with Justice and Farmer Rey. He followed the farmer everywhere and the one day the farmers wife, Mona suggested that he walk to where the other chicks lived and see if he would follow him there. There was concern that he would start pecking again but the other chicks had gotten much bigger and they immediately flew at the chick with no name and he could no longer bully them. He soon gave into being nice and discovered it was much more interesting and fun to have many friends. He still likes to visit Justice and Farmer Rey. And will often stand right between his legs and visit. Though he looks very much like the other chicks, we can always tell it is chick with no name because he is very friendly to Justice and doesn't run away. And they lived happily ever after. Jusice, Farmer Rey and the chick with no name.

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