Monday, April 27, 2009

Ignore the aprons below those were for Teasha's eyes only.

The aprons below were just so that Teasha my daughter could get an idea for what style of apron she wanted me to make for her. So now for something more fun I just have to show you a few of the pictures that I took of my husband and our little dog Justice and a little chicken who has no name yet. The story goes that Rey came home one day and said that he had ordered 50 yes I said FIFTY baby chicks. My first response was "YOU DID WHAT!?" After I calmed down a little and tried to be logical about all of this well I then asked him "How many eggs a day do you think we can eat?" He came up with all kinds of interesting avenues we could take like selling the eggs, selling baby chicks, using the manure etc. He did have a few good ideas. The next thing that went through my head was where are we going to put them. Well here is the clencher... They called and the chicks had arrived 3 weeks early and we had nowhere to put the poor little things. First Rey wanted to put them in my woodworking shop. He soon found out that that was not a good idea. I suggested putting them in the well house until we could figure it all out. Long story short, they ended up in the well house where Rey built a little pen with a heat lamp to keep them warm. I really am getting to the part about the chicken with no name.
Once upon a time there was a chicken that couldn't get along with any of the other chicks so he had to be separated cause he was pecking and pecking at them and making them bleed. He decided that he would live in Farmer Rey's office while he was being bad. He grew and grew, and Farmer Rey tried once again to put him back with the others, but to his great disappointment the chicken with no name just couldn't get along with the others. Needless to say he became friends with Farmer Rey and his dog Justice. Justice would peek in the box all of the time and the chick would peck him on the nose. Soon the chick with no name became very lonely so he decided to be more friendly with Justice. Farmer Rey eventually started taking him out to explore. You could often see him perching on the edge of the box as he could fly jus a little. He was pretty homely as his feathers were just growing in. But Justice didn't seem to care. Soon they became friends.
A few weeks went by and he had grown but not as big as the others as they were exercising and eating much better and grew bigger and stronger. Farmer Rey decided that maybe he could try one last time to put him in with the others.The farmer's wife Mona couldn't tolerate him leaving such a mess (if you know what I mean) all over the floor, and was demanding that he go and live with the other chicks.

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