Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coming Soon.... pictures of my aprons....

Well, since I am so new at this I will be re-doing things fairly often so as to bring things up to date. I am rounding up some models for my Aprons that I've made and plan to sell at bazaars and such. My daughter Taya has agreed to be my guinne pig(sp) so I am excited!

I am finally out of the kloset- the Kitchen Kloset that is.

I have a new found love and it seems so do many others out there. I love to make gifts at Christmas time and decided to make and apron for my daughter, Kina who is attending college and was taking a cooking class. I got out two kitchen towels, (that I purchased 2 years ago) some vintage rick rack and buttons that I purchased at a garage sale a couple of summers ago
and Wahlah! A great apron that she loved for $2.50. It was so much fun that I just couldn't stop! Since then I have been so inspired by so many others and buying books that now I've created and sewn tons of Aprons.